Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hooked Rugs

During my visit to Mom's (Linda Brannock's) house, I got some photos of her hooked rugs.  Pot of Flowers and Friends canvas available online.
Pot of Flowers and Friends
Canvas for  My Daughter, My Sister, and Me  is available at Wooly Woolens.
My Daugher, My Sister and Me
 Mom's Ladies Garden Club & Sewing Circle (Inspired by Mom's quilt in her  book Miss Jump's Farewell)  is there too.

I love this house on the hill. 
This log cabin (below) canvas will be available soon. 
Big Log House
 I dragged the hallway runner out into the yard for a photo. I am glad I did. I love photographing Mom's hand work. It is just too bad I don't get to visit her that often.
Pop on over to see what's available at Wooly Woolens.
Enjoy what's left of our holiday weekend!